Who are we?

Prakyath Applications is an IT Solutions company established with the prime aim of developing Tech infrastructure to digitize & smoothen workflow of Conventional large Business entities.

What we stand for?

Innovation - Our driving force, we apply to overhaul Businesses with Out of the Box solutions that fuel their growth & expansion in a colossal way.

Why Choose us?

With multitude of experience in facilitating growth & turning around businesses to developing own ventures that has benefited the common man, we have done it all.


A lot of untapped potential exists in every business. We help clients identify & capitalize on them to the fullest using TECH
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Know how we can help your business


We are committed to bridging the gap between Corporations & Consumers with Products that revolutionize the way things are done in any industry we set foot in

About Us

We Empower visionaries realise their dreams & Exploit current opportunities for Society’s Benefit. 
We believe in collaboration wherein the merging of our tech expertise to handle our clients needs & challenges with their BIG IDEAS will lead to the inception of GREAT THINGS

Our Wonder Team

We are a team of devoted Professionals inspired to Understand, Analyze & Brainstorm out of the box Solutions to your every need

Trevor James

Lead Developer